blogs cognitive behavioralThe blogs listed below reflect topics that have been on my mind as I work with patients, reflect on life, and watch current events. For the most part, they explain basic cognitive behavioral techniques to help you more easily manage your habits. However, because I am particularly expert in the areas of eating disorders and obesity & overweight management, much of the content either focuses directly on those issues or draws from them for examples. However, the basic psychology underlying all the articles can be applied to most areas of life.

If there are other topics you would like to see covered, Contact Me. For an overview of the type of content within each blog category, scroll down or click here.

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Blog Categories

Although all the blogs help with cognitive and behavioral habits that interfere with your life satisfaction, there are sub-categories to help you zone in on specific content. Having just begun to blog in January 2022, as of March 2022 there are not yet entries in all the categories. However, those postings are on the drawing board so if you check back periodically, you will find helpful articles in each of the specific categories.

  • Cognitive Behavior Habits—These blogs talk about those habits, both cognitive (thinking) and behavioral (physical action) that you have practiced so often for so long that they have become automatic. Despite the fact that they may have been useful or appropriate at some time in your life, at this point they are so reflexive that you do them even when they work against your happiness. The blogs under this heading help you identify your harmful cognitive behavioral habits and develop strategies for getting a handle on them.
  • Diets—If you’ve read A Diet is the Last Thing You Need: Weight Loss & Maintenance Answers, you know that I am not suggesting, recommending, or prescribing a diet, any diet! To the contrary, the blogs under this heading talk about some of the crazier things people have tried to lose weight, along with better more sustainable strategies for enhancing your nutritional intake. Food is a lovely necessary part of living. These articles will show you how to enjoy it in a fashion that promotes health and happiness.
  • Eating Disorders—The mental disorders that fall under this heading are among the most deadly and most difficult to recover from. The articles in this group focus on variety of topics. There are blogs on what makes eating disorders so difficult to treat, the roles played by families and culture, the ways you can support loved ones who are suffering, how to go about finding help, and other issues relevant to the topic. NOTE: If you have an eating disorder and are looking for treatment, I am happy to have you read this website but please seek a licensed therapist who specializes in these disorders! You can find qualified therapists on these websites: Academy of Eating Disorders, National Alliance for Eating Disorders, National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, and National Eating Disorders Association.
  • Exercise—Exercise is key to a healthy body. We simply are not designed to be cough potatoes and survive. However, “exercise” is a broad term that is much more, and much more enjoyable, than killer workout routines and rigid programs. To enjoy the benefits of exercise, you need to find movement that feels good and then ease into it. Gently. These blogs will help you do just that.
  • Self-care—This set of blogs will span topics ranging from anxiety and assertiveness to zoophobia and finding your zen. Regardless of the nature of your psychological distress, getting a handle on the underlying cognitive and behavioral habits is ultimately the key.

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