About me

about me Dr Brenda L WolfeMy name is Dr. Brenda L. Wolfe. I am a Clinical Psychologist specializing in evidence-based treatment for eating disorders and obesity. Over the course of my career, I have worked with thousands of patients seeking to enhance their health and improve their quality of life. As a result, I have had the privilege of helping people achieve their goals and the privilege of learning from every patient I helped.

About the Things I Do & Have Done

I owned and operated The Eating Disorders Institute of New Mexico until I decided to semi-retire in 2018. Now seeing patients only a few days per week, I finally have professional time to invest in writing blogs and books to share my knowledge and experience with a broader audience than those I can see in person.

In addition to clinical work, I am adjunct faculty at the University of New Mexico Department of Psychiatry where I lecture about the diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders. I also enjoy working as a volunteer on behalf of children in my community. Since 2005 I have served as the reviewer of all high-school science expo projects involving human participants, and since retiring from full-time practice in 2018 I have tutored  elementary school students in reading skills. Also since semi-retirement, I have become a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children in the foster system.

Clearly a pushover for volunteer requests, over the span of my career I have served as President, Newsletter Editor, and Continuing Education Coordinator for the New Mexico Psychological Association. In addition, I have worked on numerous professional committees at a variety of national and state organizations including the Academy of Eating Disorders, New Mexico Department of Health, Executive Council of the NM State Plan for Healthier Weight, and Association of Behavior and Cognitive Therapies. I am licensed in New Mexico, and recognized by the National Register of Healthcare Service Providers.

If you want more detail about me, go to my Amazon author page.

On a Personal Note

I grew up in Montreal Canada where I learned to skate, to ski, and that I hate the cold. After completing my Bachelor’s degree at McGill University, I moved to Santa Barbara, California where I earned Master’s and Doctorate degrees from the University of California. It was there I met and married my husband; it was also there I learned the true meaning of statistical margins of error and conceived my first daughter while fitted with an IUD and writing my dissertation. Happily, baby and dissertation both turned out well. (And the baby has now given me grandbabies!)

about me Dr Brenda L wolfe
Baby & Diss both turned out fine!

From Santa Barbara, we moved to San Diego where I enjoyed the excitement of being part of cutting-edge organizations and creating programs to serve people well beyond the reach of my physical presence. After ten years in San Diego, one more daughter, and a desire to leave the corporate world, our family moved to New Mexico where I have the pleasure of being an active member of the clinical community, enjoy volunteering in our town, and do my best to spoil my grandchildren.

And the Inevitable Question About What I Do for Fun

That list begins with spoiling the grandchildren—they make me laugh every single day. Further, I would be lying if I did not include my work on my ‘fun’ list. The true story of my 2018 retirement is that I was supposed to fully retire, which I did for a bit, but missed working with patients too much to give it up entirely. While not ‘fun’ in the way children and parties are fun, clinical work allows me to share experiences and support others in a way that I imagine no other pastime can.  It is both intellectually and emotionally satisfying, so that too is ‘fun.’

Finally, I love to read and I love to dance! I read professional journals and books to keep my skills sharp (so-so in the fun department) and devour good novels with strong characters. I’m particularly hooked on historical fiction. As for dancing, I am a dedicated ballroom dancer. While I’m fairly certain Ginger Rogers will never feel threatened by my skill, and I am never best dancer on the floor, I am always the happiest!

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