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    Don’t forget you can find information about Eating Disorders and Obesity on other pages of this website.

    Turn to the Good Reads & Resources page for self-help books written by experts in their respective fields. In addition to books about eating disorders, weight, and body image distress, I’ve included excellent evidence-based resources about managing anxiety and depression, substance abuse, insomnia, marital distress, and smoking & vaping. Also included is a wonderful new publication that explains how your brain works and how best to care for it. Toward the bottom of that page are links to organizations that can provide additional information as well as help you find therapeutic support.

    Please! If you find any of the links fail to connect, contact me and let me know. I have checked and double-checked all my sources but, as we all know, things change. I would very much appreciate if you contact me were you to find a bug anywhere on this site!

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